Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Recent & Upcoming Events

May 2010

Vatsalya entered the Facebook world. Caroline Poiner, an Australian who has volunteered at Udayan, set up the Vatsalya Udayan Facebook page. This month, an ad was set up aimed at the American audience and pointing them to the NICF website. We had 49 unique hits to our website as a result with some anticipated funding behind those hits. Become a friend of the Vatsalya Udayan Facebook page. Social media; it works!!

April 2010

Delta and Sarah Davison-Tracy (founder of Seeds of Exchange) presented We Make the Road, a dramatic story-telling event about their journeys to Nepal and India. This presentation creates education awareness and fund-raising opportunities for NICF.

January 2010

NICF became a blogger! We are now regularly contributing to the Hub section of the Denver Post (Littleton area). You can follow our contributions at http://denver.yourhub.com/~IndiaCallsDeltaAnswers.

October-November 2009

We returned to India! Both Dan and Delta has the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in India. This annual due diligence trip is always such a joy. We had many meetings with the staff of Vatsalya and spent fabulous days with the children of Udayan. Is it time to go back yet?

October 2009

Delta and Sarah-Davison Tracy (founder – Seeds of Exchange) met up with Jaimala Gupta (co-founder of Vatsalya) in Nepal and attended the global conference on Appreciative Inquiry. The skills acquired at this conference, which they self-funded, will be used to further the mission and vision of NICF, Vatsalya and, our strategic partner, Seeds of Exchange.

August 2009

NICF and Seeds of Exchange (www.seedsofexchange.org) initiated a year-long service project connecting the children of Udayan with a group of middle school students in Denver. The Udayan children called themselves Sampriti (heart-felt friendliness in Sanskrit) and the Denver children called themselves Ohana (family in Hawaiian). Over the year, the kids had a chance to exchange introductions, holidays, sports and stories. We hope to continue the project next year and ultimately conclude with some of the Ohana kids visiting Udayan and meeting the Sampriti kids face to face in India!

July 2009

Delta became a contributing editor to Wandering Educators (www.wanderingeducators.com). Her first story recounts her experience as a volunteer at Udayan and also can be found on the NICF Stories page. Delta and Jaimala Gupta, founder of Vatsalya, will be writing monthly for the Voices of India column.

June 2009

Amanda Koster, author of Can I Come with You, shared a percentage of her profits with Vatsalya on behalf of Udayan. Check out her incredible work on www.amandakoster.com

April 2009

NICF and Vatsalya received the gift of two incredibly talented , professional photographers: Neil Brander and Jean – Marie Antoine. They volunteered to travel to India, at their own expense, and photograph the many projects of Vatsalya, including, of course, Udayan. They have allowed NICF and Vatsalya to utilize their stunning photographs free of charge. To learn more about their work, please visit www.neilbrander.com.

March 2009

India, India… Diaries of a Volunteer by Patricia Little

This lovely book was written by an Udayan volunteer. 50% of profits go to Vatsalya’s Udayan. Click here view more info.