Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Financial Information


Financial contributions to NICF (Namaste India Children’s Fund) in the calendar year 2008 totaled $43,756.75. Gifts were received from approximately 42 individuals, corporate and/or religious organizations. It was truly an incredible year with the support of generous and heartfelt supporters. Expenses totaled $1,078.00 which were covered by the Board Members of NICF. Therefore, NICF was able to transfer 100% of the donor gifts totaling $43,088.75 for the care of the children at Vatsalya’s Udayan Children’s Home.Thank you to each and every person expressing their love for the children of Udayan with their financial support.

For copies of NICF’s 2008 Form 990, please email Dan@NICFund.org


Contributions to NICF (Namaste India Children’s Fund) received for fiscal year 2007 totaled $24,352.09. The amount received in Fiscal Year 2007 was to the level that didn’t require a long form 990 tax return. All the administration costs of NICF were paid by the Board Members of Namaste India Children’s Fund. Therefore 100% of all donated funds were forwarded to Vatsalya for the care of the children at the Udayan Children’s Home.

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