Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


NICF is committed to working only with organizations in India that have proven track records of providing outstanding care and services to street children. We take this commitment seriously and stay in touch with our organizations to monitor progress. An on-site due diligence visit is performed annually.

We are currently supporting only one organization in India.


Jaipur, India

Udayan – A Home for Street Children
** NICF contributes funds at this time only to the Udayan division of Vatsalya **

Statement of Purpose:
Vatsalya was evolved with the primary aim of working in the development sector to provide value-based services with specific focus on Street Children in India. Like any other organization, establishing Vatsalya was the enterprising idea of a few individuals, which then took concrete shape later on. At present, Vatsalya is the proud launcher of some of the very unique programs that aim to improve the quality of life. The journey of Vatsalya over the period of five years can be tracked by looking at its Annual Reports. Vatsalya has undertaken projects and interventions that spread over the entire state of Rajasthan. We have a unique abode for Street Children on the outskirts of Jaipur where at any point of time over 50 orphaned, abandoned and destitute children live under the loving care of Vatsalya’s staff. In a short period Vatsalya has also acquired a prominent status as a major resource in health arena. Vatsalya was created by its Founders to make a difference in lives of these children mainly, however, as time passed, we have expanded our vision realizing anything and everything ultimately comes down to a child.