Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


18 Million Question Marks!
The Street Children of India
This compelling, and informative, book was written by Jaimala Gupta, co-founder of Vatsalya (www.vatsalya.org). She educates readers about the plight of underprivileged children in India, particularly those in Juvenile Justice homes. It is a book that ultimately focuses on hope as Mrs. Gupta tells of programs and policies being implemented for the care and protection of these children. Books can be ordered through www.vatsalya.org or by emailing delta@nicfund.org.

Pictures create stories and help inform us about the bigger world we live in. Check out Amanda Koster’s Can I Come With You? Amanda is an internationally acclaimed photographer and the founder of Salaam Garage (www.salaamgarage.com) an organization that has partnered with Vatsalya. Her book can be ordered through her website, www.amandakoster.com, or through Amazon.

India, India… Diaries of a Volunteer by Patricia Little
This lovely book was written by an Udayan volunteer. 50% of profits go to Vatsalya’s Udayan.
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Interested in making volunteering a piece or all of your vacation? Check out Jane Stanfield’s book Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation. This award winning book has excellent ideas, hints and information for travelers. For more information, please see her website at www.janestanfieldwish.com.

Are you interested in learning more about the children in need in India? Shelley Seale has written a powerful book, The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children, “telling the stories of some of the 25 million children living without parents in India, on the streets or in orphanages; and the inspiring people who are helping to uphold their rights, one child at a time.” See www.shelleyseale.com for more information.