Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Dan Eigsti – June 2008

It’s a privilege and a humbling feeling to share with you the accomplishments NICF (Namaste India Children’s Fund). NICF continues to grow in importance for the support of the Udayan Children’s Home administered by Vatsalya in Jaipur, India. The newsletter is being sent to each of you because of your interest and support.

Delta Donohue’s decision to join me in the leadership of NICF has been an incredible experience for me. She has provided so much energy and has provided an expanded vision for NICF’s mission. A mission focused on offering a means by which persons wishing to provide street children of India an opportunity to become productive citizens of India.

In February I traveled to Jaipur and spent time with Jaimala and Hitesh Gupta. It was a joy to visit Udayan and see the smiling faces of the children. They are thriving and growing in a safe and nurturing environment. Even the resources for caring for the children is limited, Jaimala has been able to provide for the needs of the children. Whether its nutritious meals, quality education, fun activities, or vocational discernment, the children are well cared for.

Also during my visit I attended the wedding of the niece of Hitesh. It was three days of wonderful food, beautiful music, lively dancing, and colorful festivities. There weddings are a celebration of family and friends. It was so incredible to be included in the celebration.

NICF will continue to be a support and a source of hope for street children of India. Udayan allows children to experience a childhood and childhood experience they wouldn’t have on the streets. Continue to remember the needs of these children. There as so many children in need of care and it’s gratifying to be able to make a difference is those that have found a home at Udayan.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Dan Eigsti, President

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